Bruce BowerBruce Bower invests in emerging market equities. He has a keen interest in markets, psychology and self-development. He is also a busy writer and investor in early-stage companies. Find out more

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“When A Submerging Market Blows Up” Podcast

The eminent economist Jerome Booth has a wonderful podcast series on emerging markets. I was interviewed on the 10th of July about Russia and Greece in an episode called “When A Submerging Market Blows Up”.

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Posted 12 July, 2015

My New Book- “Peak Performance Trading and Investing”

To all of the readers in the “How of Trading” community, I’d like to introduce you to my new book, Peak Performance Trading and Investing! A roadmap for success by a former bank trader & hedge fund portfolio manager. The first book ever providing a clear roadmap for both traders and investors seeking success in […]

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Posted 23 April, 2015

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Making Your Visualizations Better

Continuing my series on visualization, I respond to readers’ questions about how to make them better

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Posted August 23, 2015

Trading Story Interview

Recently, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Brandon Clay of “Trading Story”. In the interview, we covered some of the following topics: Following the advice of those that came before you in the trading field Sticking to your trading plan What’s your trading methodology? Focusing on the process more than the results Keeping […]

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Posted August 10, 2015